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Our little bottle of Multi Mix makes up 2.25 litres of fabulous multipurpose cleaner.  Packed with an almighty punch of Organic Sweet Orange oil it'll leave the house looking fab and smelling lush. Multi Mix can be used on pretty much everything, leaving wood feeling protected; counters feeling clean and furniture sparkling. 

Multi Mix is vegan, highly environmentally conscious, SLS/ paraben/ chemical preservative/ colouring and  palm free. Plus because it's water-free, you know that you'll be keeping your carbon footprint small as it wings it's way to your home.

To make up:

    • Measure 10ml (two teaspoons) into a clean, empty bottle.
    • Add 150ml of cooled, boiled water to each dose. 
    • Swirl till dissipated.
    • Spray and Clean.


Ingredients contain: Surfactant <5%, Glycerine, Organic Sweet Orange


Seconds quality will take around 24 hours to dissipate. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marvellous multi mix :-)

I LOVE multi mix. I use it for cleaning everything! It smells lovely, last for ages and takes up hardly any room in my cupboard. I’d definitely recommend it!

Sunshine in a bottle ☀️

I’m so glad I bought this product, first off, it smells absolutely amazing and reminds me of something from my childhood. A little goes a long way with this as it’s super concentrated and it’s very gentle on surfaces whilst giving things a good clean and leaving a gorgeous natural orange scent. My oak table is positively smiling now 😁 ☀️ 🍊
As with the other mix products I’m still discovering all the amazing uses of this truly multi purpose product.

Love it!

Multi is a fabulous multipurpose cleaning product. This small bottle dilutes to over 2 L of product and I like that I can easily mix this up myself. The scent is luxurious and fresh which is very satisfying. It’s safe, effective and makes cleaning a pleasure. The only plastic on this bottle is the spray head which I will keep and use for a long, long time. Thanks for making this product, I love it!

Smells lush!

Smells way better than any other cleaning spray I’ve used and cleans well. Love the lack of unnecessary packaging and concentrated solution lasts ages.

Love this stuff.

I love the fully sustainable approach of these products, also the fact that I don’t have to have big (plastic) bottles of stuff taking up space in my compact kitchen. Because this is concentrated, one small bottle lasts ages. It’s really handy as can be used on so many different types of surface, without fear of damaging any of them. I use a little squirt everywhere in the kitchen – worktops, cooker, table and it leaves it clean and smelling of marmalade

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