Floor Mix cleaner

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Floor Mix is a highly eco-friendly floor cleaner.  Using a blend of green, renewable surfactants (post soap) and a balance of organic Lemon, Rosemary and Lavender oils you can be sure this will leave any floor looking clean and smelling flippin' delicious (do NOT eat the floor please very much).  

Suitable for all floor types.


Sticky finger safe. 


How to use:

Light cleaning: 1 cap: 4-5 litres of hot water

Heavy cleaning: 2 caps 4-5 litres of hot water

Spray mop:  A few drops into water.

Contains around 20  floor washes.

Customer Reviews

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Holly Solo-Hawthorn
Did someone say subscription service? Sign me up!

I've been using Multi Mix for ages, and Bath, Shiny, Whizz... but my old floor cleaner took ages to run out so its been a long time waiting to be able to purchase the Mix Floor. What can I say, it was worth the wait. Yet another spankingly good product, with top eco credentials. I literally only use Mix products to clean my home now, and with the subscription service delivering refills to me just as I am running out, cleaning suddenly feels like the least stressful part of adulting. I keep one of those mops which you can prefill with floor cleaner on standby now, any spills, whoosh, out comes 'Viv' the mop, (because who doesn't name their household appliances right?) and quick as you like, the spill is gone and not a streak left in its place, just the gentle scent of environmentally friendly products. Cleaning has never made me feel so smug!


Love the floor mix. Easy to use, gets the floor super sparkly and smells good too. Cleaning is almost a pleasure!