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Kitchen Mix is an environmentally sound, concentrate cleaning product. It is non-toxic, small person and non-human friendly, vegan and contains some organic ingredients (where possible).

Kitchen Mix is designed to leave a squeaky clean finish on kitchen appliances, laminate, workbenches, tiled areas, sinks, bathrooms, painted surfaces or glass. It is not suitable for use on granite, marble or unfinished wood or food preparation surfaces.  These are great on shower screens and can also be used to remove limescale in your loo. Just pop a couple down and leave them overnight. 

Please select if you’d like a starter bottle (with recyclable trigger), or a zero-waste option (price is for 4 tablets which is one 150ml dose). Each bottle contains one dose inside, just add cooled, boiled water, allow to dissolve and go.

Once you've finished your dose, come back and order the tablets alone for your perfect plastic-free option.

Ingredients contain: Citric Acid, Surfactant <1%, Lemon oil


To make:

  • Pop 4 tablets into your bottle or a jug.
  • Add 150ml of cool, boiled water.
  • Swish and wait till dissolved. Best left over night.
  • Spray, wipe and let is sparkle!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing 🤩

Wow these little tablets certainly pack some punch once dissolved into a spray bottle. I’m really enjoying finding all the jobs that this
great product can tackle. Loving my sparkly shower screens, windows and counter tops 😍 I’m sure that there are many more jobs that this little gem will make light work of.


This is a nice little product, simple to mix, and from first use it surprised and impressed me with how very effective it was at cleaning my work kitchen work surfaces, cupboard doors, fridge and even my cooker hob.
It leaves everything sparkling clean, no smears, and without that heavy, fake, chemically smell that you get with most shop bought cleaning products.

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