At Mix, I like to Mix things up.  Not just with the innovative products, but how folk clean, what they use and most importantly the impact this has on the planet. 

The Mix Clean Green sustainable cleaning products are not only free from all the nasties but are super-concentrate (add water at home rather than paying to transport it your home) keeping the carbon footprint teeny, tiny.  At the centre of all that I do, is the Planet.  No single-use plastic, refillable, most importantly, everything used from the way the ingredient is made, all the way to what happens when it disappears down our plughole is taken into consideration to make sure it has the smallest possible impact.

 Mix Clean Green is a woman-run business, headed by Kate Deacon.  Mostly powered by vats of strong tea, Kate, is a Children’s OT (formerly NHS) and Mum to two smaller humans.  As a Mum, I was increasingly concerned about the shocking state of the planet that my kids will one day inherit.  So I decided to do something about it.   

Being a bit of a passionate bugger, I couldn't create something that was only plastic free.  Or only palm free. Or only free from less desirable chemicals such as chemical preservatives or fragrances.  So I set some crazy standards, spent huge amounts of time researching EVERY little thing endlessly and began formulating in between feeds (had a tiny baby then) at the kitchen table.  Shiny Mix alone took around 80 different versions before I finally nailed the formula, and my skills have continued to grow with researching and designing more complex products (dishwasher mix) and even formulating for others! 

Vegan Society Accredited, sustainable, refillable, single-use plastic free, palm-free, low carbon footprint, with exceptional eco-toxicology reports (meaning we're really sure what the impact is).

 And the end result is Mix.  A Clean, Green business.