Mix began as great ideas always do. In a friend’s kitchen over a cup of hot tea. Neither of us could find products that had a small footprint on every level. That there had to be a compromise on some level, be it plastic, ingredients; there was always something. Our belief that cleaning shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet couldn’t be limited to just us. We knew we weren’t alone.

We started off with infusing vinegar which was nice (and looked pretty) but in terms of cleaning, it didn’t manage to do the job on lots of things (though windows, hell yes!). And it still smelt like a chip shop when all was said was done, and so it was back to the drawing board.

Researching other options was been a huge learning curve, but what’s been eye-opening is the extraordinary degree to which Green Washing occurs. That when you actually look at each ingredient in your bottle of eco-friendly cleaner, at best it’s biodegradable, at worst it’s highly toxic to terrestrial and aquatic life, highly damaging in its production and often has incurred many miles of travel creating with it a huge carbon footprint.

At Mix we promise total transparency. We have worked tirelessly to ensure every ingredient is sourced as close to home as possible, that each ingredients’ manufacture has the smallest possible impact, and most importantly that it’s impact when used has the smallest possible ecological impact. Our products are clean while they clean.

Small but mighty

Our concentrate cleaning products mean that you’re not needlessly paying for water to be transported around the UK. Not only do you get the satisfaction of ‘making’ your products up, you also get a warm fuzzy glow in the knowledge that you’ve supported a big reduction in the carbon footprint of your cleaning products. Nice.

Friendly, friendly, friendly

Our range of eco-friendly cleaning products are loved by everyone. They are vegan, cruelty-free, child-friendly and furry (or feathered) friend friendly.

Single Use plastic

We know that plastic is a BIG issue right now. 5.5 billion plastic bottles every year in the UK don’t get recycled, some of which ends up in our rivers and oceans. That’s not good. We’ve chosen gorgeous, amber glass bottles and aluminium lids for our packaging, or if you’d rather use your own jar then go nude and opt for the Zero-waste versions. The only product that we don’t offer (and we’ve working on this) as a zero-waste version is Neat Multi. If you live local to Exeter, we’ll gladly do an exchange (your old bottle for a nice, shiny, full one) and hang tight for the refill option going live near you soon.