We say that orders will ship in 3-4 days, however typically they ship within one working day.  We like to give you the maximum amount of time so if there are any hiccups, we’ve got it covered.  

We use Royal Mail to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible as the postie will likely to coming down your street anyway. We can’t yet offer free postage yet, though we continue to review this.  Instead to keep costs as low as possible we have a flat rate of shipping of £3.  If you want to keep costs down, then see if friends want to share an order maybe?

Are we plastic-free?

All our products are plastic free with the exception of our high-spec, reusable and fully recyclable plastic trigger. 

We are a very low-waste business with pretty much everything that comes into the business being reused or recycled.  Some of our products still come in plastic packaging that can’t be re-used by us and we continue to challenge businesses to see if they can send it to us plastic-free. 

Are we our products palm-free?

Yes!  Absolutely.  We know that some businesses choose to use RSPO Palm, however we felt this wasn’t the right choice for Mix.  Rather than risking impact on the environment and biodiversity (and potential working environment issues) even with potential RSPO safeguards, we took the decision to avoid it altogether.  Add to this that palm oil comes from a very long way and use at any point in the chain, only adds to global emissions. 

We check all our ingredients with suppliers to ensure that they are palm-free, and we plan to keep it that way. 


Our products are super-concentrates so that you simply need to add water where needed.  This saves up to 95% of emissions created by transporting pre-mixed cleaning products to your door.  We honestly think it’s the way forwards. 

We don't use chemical preservatives so suggest using cooled, boiled water to make up our products as this means the water is the cleanest possible when making it up at home.  The water should be cooled as the heat can damage some ingredients such as the oils. 

 Are our products vegan-friendly?

We like to think we’re friendly to everyone, starting with the Planet but are Vegan Society certified on all our products. 

We know it’s important to be vegan-friendly, not just because we want to be inclusive, but because of the well documented impact of rearing animals on global warming. It contributes to deforestation, soil degradation, increased carbon emissions and that’s not taking into account the water needed to grow food for animals and the subsequent lack of food for humans on the planet. We know that for every product that avoids animal derivatives is a win for the planet.

Are our products Kosher?

We are in the process of double checking this, but at this point in time, as we don’t use any animal derivatives, we are confident that our products will be considered Kosher.

Are our cleaning products Halal?

We are in the process of double checking this, but at this point in time, as we don’t use any animal derivatives, we are confident that our products will be considered Halal.

 Are our products Gluten-free?

We actually have a two coeliacs in our family so this is very close to our heart.  And yup- all our products are gluten-free 

What does non-toxic mean?

Non-toxic at Mix means two things:  That when diluted these products will not be toxic to aquatic life and that they are safe to around your children and pets.

We’ve had extensive eco-tox reports to ensure that the impact of our products at every point (creation to down the drain) have the least possible impact.  So, you can be sure that we take ecotoxicology very seriously.

We also use the term “non-toxic” to mean that our products won’t harm your child or fur-baby if you use these products around them. They won’t taste nice to eat, but the oils used are not only high-grade but also used in very low doses, so it won’t harm or upset your babies (human or furry). In addition to this, many of our ingredients are food grade.  We would just like to remind you to make sure that products are kept out of reach of children and pets, and please DO NOT EAT MIX PRODUCTS (though we do understand how tempting it is, as they smell AMAZING!).

If any of our products do come into contact with eyes, or are ingested, please rinse and seek immediate medical attention.  Our contact details can be found at the bottom of the page or contact us; if you need any info, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

 What is the shelf life of the Mix products?

We conservatively estimate unmixed (dilute) products to last around 6-12 months (dependent on product), but they should last longer.  If you experience any issues with your products, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

How long will my products last?

This depends on how often you clean.  We typically find that with regular use:

  • a bottle of Multi (150ml) lasts around 4-6 months,
  • Bath Mix 3-4 months
  • Shiny Mix 1month/ dose
  • Toilet Mix 3-4 months
  • Whizz Mix 9 tablets should last around 2 months (ish). 

Why should I wear gloves if it's natural?

We suggest wearing gloves due to the PH of some solutions, such as Shiny Mix which is very acidic and can make your hands rough.  

What can Mix products be used on?

The labels all have details of things to avoid using that particular product on.  Any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

What ingredients do we use?

We’re afraid this is top secret! Not really. We’ve listed any important ingredients on our site and labels in accordance with legislation, however we have left a couple of food or cosmetic grade ingredients out. This is not because we want to, but actually because we’ve worked so very hard to create the range and spent hours and hours formulating the recipes, that we have done this to protect our intellectual property.  Any ingredients that need to be considered are listed on the bottle and If you would like to know more, then we’ll happily send you the MSDS. Just ping us an email or ask us anything you’d like to know, and we’ll answer your questions. 

 All the ingredients used have the smallest possible ecological footprint in terms of manufacture, distance travelled and ecotoxicology.  They are vegan, small human and furry friendly. 

How can I get a MSDS? 

Please contact us via our contact us page if you would like a copy.