Considering our products were designed in a shed, we've massively proud of the awards we've won!! Last year, we won the Beauty Shortlist Mama and Beauty awards 2021 for our Multi, Whizz Mix and Shiny Mix.  

Also late last year, we were told we'd won some accolades in  Country Living feature and Goodhousekeeping Tried and Tested for our soluble eco-friendly cleaning products, the super eco Multi Mix! This was absolutely huge (think an Oscars Gwyneth speech and you're there) for us and we were so, so pleased!!   Click on the links to see what they said!

We've been really lucky to be featured by the very lovely, Lynsey Queen of Clean on This Morning!  Presenting our plastic free cleaning paste, Bath Mix and our bleach-free, plastic-free toilet cleaner, Whizz Mix- it was absolutely bonkers!! 
Click on the icon below and it'll take you to the video! :)

Been in:  
and in My Green Pod (distributed by the Guardian).  Two biggies for us as we LOVE this paper!!  
If you'd like talk to us about any media coverage or interviews, Kate (founder) has a LOT to say.  From Greenwashing to legislation or eco cleaning tips, we've ideas and something to say.  Feel free to drop us a line via our contact page.