Each ingredients used is stringently checked for it's biodegradablity (Mix Clean Green standard 88% in 28 days vs Legislative standard of 60%in 28 days) but also how each ingredient is manufactured, the ecological impact during manufacturing (e.g. mined products aren't typically part of the ingredient list) and the carbon footprint created in getting the ingredients to the workspace (ideally as close to the base as possible).

A really good example of how this works is with some of the oils.  Kate only uses oils that are generally deemed to be safe around pets and children, and avoids certain others due to the footprint they can leave.  A great example of how we might source something is the Sweet Orange oil.  The cheapest option is to source this from Brazil, however the one we use is part Italian, part Spanish and organic!  That's a huge difference in the CO2 emmission!


All the ingredients must be palm free, vegan (gets double checked as I submit and the Vegan Society triple checks for certification), petrochemical free and cruelty free.  No synthetic fragrances, perfumes, colours or synthetic biocides. As these are well evidenced as being very uncool for the planet. 

Below is the list of the primary ingredients used within the range.  This isn't a full list, nor on the labels (only what I have to declare or think I should let customers know) because honestly, if I told you would give away a bit too much intellectual property and I'd be obliged to go all 007... This isn't because I'm being dishonest, or shady or anything sinister, but I've worked so hard to research all the ingredients and formulate the range.  It's all mine baby! (Mwhahahaha). 

If you do want more info, especially if it's an allergy, then please do get in touch.  I will always do my best to help. 


aka Coconut derived soap (surfactant). Used for lifting grime and dirt, creates bubbles. 

Biodegradability: 88% in 28 days (but is 100% biodegradable). 



Made from rapeseed oil, this is the future of soaps.  Surfactant (soap) is made through fermentation, creating a pure, truly naturally derived surfactant, right here in the UK. Used to lift dirt, clean and create bubbles. 

Biodegradability: Likely to be 100% in 28 day, but waiting confirmation. 



Naturally fermented acid.  Made using through microbial fermentation. It's the same stuff found naturally in citrus fruits. 

Biodegradability: 100% 



Manufactured in the UK, this stuff is amazing.  The company use some carbon dioxide created through their industry to make this, but are building another plant to recycle pretty much all the carbon dioxide they create to make the bicarb! Clever eh?  

Biodegradability: Technically this is isn't biodegradable, as it doesn't really dissolve, but instead is suspended.  But no hazards known so, it's all good. 



Otherwise known as Oxygen Bleach.  Marvellous stuff, it's highly biodegradable and super-effective.  



Fantastic nature antibacterial acid. Made through fermentation, using vegan sources of stock.  This is the one product that does come from China, via our UK stockist.  But we will keep trying super-hard to someone closer to home. 



All our oils are sources from as close to home as possible and if possible organic.  Actually the only oil that isn't organic (our Peppermint oil) is made in the UK but the organic alternative was from India.  On careful balance, it seemed much better to get this UK made version.  Plus it smells AMAZEBALLS!!