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This banging cleaning paste will lift your senses with a gentle aroma of English Peppermint oil, whilst gently removing grime and grease from your bath, shower, sink and taps.

Bath Mix will leave your bathroom looking super-clean and smelling fresh, but can also be used on many other things, such as hard-to-clean stainless steel pans, silver, even your trainers!

Our Bath Mix started jar contains 115ml of paste in an amber glass jar with aluminium lid and can be refilled by purchasing just the paste for your plastic-free cleaning.

The Zero-waste Bath Mix (100 grams) comes packaged in a home-compostable pouch along with a recycled paper label.  One unit of Bath is 100grams; if you order more then it will come in one pack unless you specify you'd like each one separately.

To use:

• Place around a 2p amount on your cleaning cloth (compostable sponges work great).
• Rub onto desired item, rinse and ta da!


Ingredients include (amongst other things): Bicarbonate of Soda, Surfactant <15%, Mentha Piperita oil

Customer Reviews

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So effective smells amazing!

I just love bath Mix, it is my absolute favourite all round cleaner. Leaves everything so clean, shiny and smelling amazing. And being able to refill is such a great option. I love supporting small businesses especially when they're this good. Would highly recommend

Fantastic products!

Not only are the products clean and green, they really work. I have found so many uses for the bath mix and if lynsey_queenofclean recommends the range, then you know it must be good! Also, it is a small business and they really care about all things environmental and also for their customers with their first class service! Well done!


Mix Bath is the most glorious smelling bath cleaner I have ever used! I wondered how effective a product this green and gentle-smelling could be on a children’s grimy bath (used it post dog washing to really make its job hard!) but I had a sparkling bath in no time, with very little elbow grease! Looking forward to trying out other products!

Sustainable and effective

Awesome products, beautiful scents and most importantly, they work really well! I love the environmentally minimalist footprint and highly conscientious approach to every aspect of the products! Much better than anything else out there!


I think that this stuff might actually be magic. Left my ancient bathroom sink sparkling and smells amazing too! It doesn’t hurt that the refillable glass jar looks lovely on my bathroom shelf either.✨

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