Non-toxic and what does actually mean?

Lots of companies use this term and it’s a widely accepted term in the ‘green’ industries but it’s also quite tricky to define. At Mix Clean Green we define ‘non-toxic’ as meaning that once diluted, these products are not harmful to you, children or pets. But possibly more importantly we also mean that the ingredients we have carefully selected have the least possible impact on the environment. They won’t leave remain in soil, or pollute waterways once it goes down the drain, as they are highly biodegradable. We work super hard to put the planet first. At every single level. And we won’t compromise or bend on that.

So there you go. Non-toxic. It doesn’t mean you can eat our products (please don't), or that it won’t harm your skin (the Shiny Mix is super acidic so it’ll leave your hands really dry), but. And a big but, it won’t cause long term harm to planet or people. And that’s a promise.