Veganuary!! What is it and why?

It's Veganuary!! Fancy making a small swap but can't give up the eggs or milk? Buy Vegan products instead!

Did you know that many household cleaning products and even personal care products contain animal derivatives? It’s everywhere; in fabric conditioner, candles, furniture polish, bathroom cleaners, hair care products, even plastic bags often have a coating of animal fat on it to make them more slippery! The commonest type of animal derivative is animal fat (tallow), it makes hair and clothes soft, but lots of products use egg and dairy derivatives as well. 


Why we might want to avoid animal derivatives?

The animal industry globally (that is rearing livestock, specifically for animals to be eaten or processed for use in other products) generates a scary 14.5% of all carbon emission created by human related activity).  This translates into 51% of the carbon emissions we need to reduce if we have any hope at all of trying to keep the planet to a manageable level of global warming!  HALF!  That’s bonkers!! So it’s simple really, avoiding products that contain animal derivatives reduces our environmental footprint in a super-easy and effective way. 


All our products are Vegan (certified or pending certification), so by switching to vegan products, like ours is a great way to make a simple switch that adds up to make a big difference!