The inspiration behind Mix Clean Green.

Mix Clean Green (Mix) was born out of one Mum’s desire to leave the planet a better place for her small humans.  Created at the kitchen table over countless late nights, founder Kate Deacon (formerly an NHS Occupational Therapist) wanted to create products without compromise.  Our growing range of innovative products will satiate even the most stringent of ethical consumers; super-concentrates, refillable, environmentally sensitive packaging (vegan certified, palm-free, cruelty -free; Free from parabens, petrochemical derivatives, synthetic fragrances, parfums and colours.  Honestly, it’s a miracle it’s not just water ;)


Mix Clean Green is a self-funded, one-human-band, indie business driven by a passion to create a long-lasting positive impact on the environment.  Our multi-award winning, 5-star reviewed cleaning products are formulated and manufactured in a small workshop in Devon, using a balance of traditional cleaning recipes coupled with cutting edge ingredients, such as a UK produced bio-surfactant (soap made through fermentation)! We have a super- solid return customer base of up to 67% (dependent on quarter) with customers reporting perceived brand tenets of trust, honesty, and genuine concern for our impact on the planet.


Problems and solutions:

Our add-water-at-home product range offer a low-carbon footprint option with a typical CO2 saving of 90% per product.  We’re proud to carry the Vegan Society Trademark demonstrating our commitment to reducing the emissions created by livestock (contributing 14.5% globally).


The single-use plastic-free, refillable range also offers an innovative solution to counter virgin plastic production (doubling each year) alongside only issues with recycling (9% of all plastic EVER made having been recycled).  Our customers have already saved around 26 000 units of plastic from production, landfill or recycling and we’d absolutely love to add another zero to that number by the end of Q4 2024!


Lastly, we have stringent in-house standards for ingredients with ecotoxicity standards considerably higher than legislative requirements.  We double check everything with our ecotoxicologist to make sure we’re doing the absolute best! We're free from ALL the things we should avoid as consumers and we aim to work towards minimising impact on water quality but using highly biodegradable ingredients, with the smallest possible ecological impact!