Why it's Pride Month, every month at Mix Clean Green!

Pride month! June is pride month and I’ve not yet said a thing! And here’s for why! Firstly, it’s staggering, that in 2023, we still live in a world where folk are still treated differently (and in some countries are persecuted) for who they fall in love with or their gender (assigned or identified).
Secondly, I don’t want Mix Clean Green to be marked as a company that might stick a rainbow up for this month, as a tick box exercise and the rest of the year, nothing more. Hopefully it’s 100% clear that Mix Clean Green is an inclusive business every step of the way. We love people and every person is different and I love that about folk! Diversity between each other, it lets us think and share about each other’s lived experiences; how to be to ensure no one feels excluded or marginalised, what makes things accessible or not. It gives us out of (our own personal) box thinking, paving the way for a world where we accept people as just people. Without any prejudice.
And isn’t that really how things should be?

At the heart of Mix is transparency, honesty, equality and inclusivity. 365 days of the year. Not just for June.

Pictured: multi award winning Multi Mix multipurpose cleaning concentrate in amber glass bottle, on a love heart rainbow tea towel with wood background.