Mix ‘Three’ Cloth

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The Mix ‘Three’ cleaning cloth, named after it’s three sections has been designed in-house by the Mix Team and are handmade using largely recycled fabrics by a fantastic local seamstress.  Each of these are unique, with different colours of towelling or linen (ideal for keeping the bathroom one separate from the kitchen cloth), each with their own unique handmade character.  Beautiful quality with perfectly imperfect handmade goodness.  

The Mix ‘Theee’ cleaning cloths are particularly good with Mix cleaning products enhancing cleaning ability. They work beautifully in any situation and can be used time and again with a simple wash.


  1. Towelling (upcycled) for wiping up mess before using products, 
  2. Linen (highly sustainable) works well as a gentle abrasive side for lifting dirt,
  3. Old hotel 100% cotton sheets, ideal for buffing

 The materials are all natural, and with the exception of the linen (which is highly sustainable) are made from upcycled fabrics. This means we’re not only reducing a carbon footprint by giving old rags a new lease of life, we’re also ensuring the cloths are biodegradable and support the broader community.  

Wash at 30degrees and line dry for longest life (though these can be tumble dried). 

Price is for ONE cloth only. 


Customer Reviews

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Mix ‘three’ cloth

Love this cloth! Perfect combination for cleaning. I love it especially for cleaning and buffing my bathroom taps and sink.

Caroline Jones
Gorgeous cloths

Love these so much - beautifully made, well lasting and works really well with the products. Highly recommended!