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Don't like mess?  Check out our mini Multi Mix with peelable (we might have made that word up...) label so you can use your own bottles here.

Our multi-award winning bottle of Multi Mix makes up 2.25 litres of fabulous multipurpose cleaner, making a carbon saving of around 93% against traditional pre-mixed multipurpose cleaning products. Packed with an almighty punch of Organic Sweet Orange oil it'll leave the house looking fab and smelling lush. Multi Mix can be used on pretty much everything, leaving wood feeling protected; counters feeling clean and furniture sparkling. 

Multi Mix is vegan, highly environmentally conscious, SLS/ paraben/ chemical preservative/ colouring and  palm free. Plus because it's water-free, you know that you'll be keeping your carbon footprint small as it wings it's way to your home.

To make up:

    • Measure 10ml (two teaspoons) into a clean, empty bottle.
    • Add 140ml (or to the bottom of the neck of our bottles) cooled, boiled water to each dose. 
    • Swirl till dissipated.
    • Spray and Clean.


Ingredients contain (diluted): <5% non- ionic surfactant, organic Sweet Orange


Seconds quality will take around 24 hours to dissipate. 



5% of the profits of this bottle go to the amazing conservation project Project Seagrass! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Holly Solo-Hawthorn
Did someone say subscription service? Sign me up!

As a long term lover of all things Mix, and having finally got rid of all the old bottles of *other* cleaning products lurking under the sink when we recently moved, I am now revelling in a) the amount of spare space I now have under the new kitchen sink, b) the joy of knowing all of my cleaning products are safe for the dog as well as the environment and c) signing up for a subscription service so I don't even have to remember when to order more product supplies. Does life get better than this? Maybe, but I bet it doesn't smell better than the sweet smell of a Mix clean green kitchen :-)

Thanks so much Holly! So glad you like the products and really appreciate you leaving a review!

Lin Newton-Smith
Great Product

I’ve been using Multi Mix and some of the other products from MixCleanGreen for about a year. I love the fact they are environmentally friendly and I wouldn’t go back to using store bought products now. It does a great job and smells lovely. Highly recommend.

Thanks so much Lin! So glad you like the products and thanks so much for taking the time to review :)

Linda Routledge
Love it! Fabulous cleaning and really trust that it is eco friendly too!

I've been using Mix Cleaning products for a couple of years now and absolutely love them. Impressive cleaning power with a gorgeous smell and love the eco credentials. Really trust this company to really think about every ingredient used. Cannot speak highly enough about the company or their products. Amazing

Isabel Davies
Love It!!

Best, most sustainable, gorgeous smelling multi cleaner out there

Virginia Sowton
Love this product!

Very happy with all the products from Mix Clean Green. Natural, safe, UK produced, great smells, lovely packaging plus fast delivery!