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Whizz Mix are Mix first release of a range of new products using a new-to-market bio-surfactant.  These bombs are based on traditional toilet bombs, but with a twist. Containing a tiny amount of the renewable, highly sustainable and 100% biodegradable bio-surfactant, means you can clean your loo with a quick scrub (no foam, but we promise it's there) after it's worked it's magic by fizzing all the rubbish off.  Whizz Mix cubes will freshen, neutralise odours and allow for a quick clean. It really is all in the Mix. 

This Mix uses a Lavender hydrosol rather than water so the cubes have a very gentle scent on opening, but won't leave any scent in your loo.  Avoiding essential oils means that these are super-eco but still highly effective.  These will freshen your loo, but we'd still recommend using our Toilet Mix if you want to nuke bacteria and dissolve limescale using gentle, effective ingredients. 


To use:

  • Drop one (or two) into your toilet. 
  • Allow to fully fizz.
  • Scrub
  • Leave for 30mins if possible. 
  • Flush. 


Ingredients: Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, bio-surfactant, Lavender hydrosol. 

Contains 9 cubes. These are handmade in small batches, so it is possible from time to time that there will be a slight delay on your order. Seconds available at times, 200g, same product but misshapen or broken. 


Store in a dry, air tight container. Keep away from children and pets.  Seek immediate medical attention if contact with eyes or ingested. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Fabulous toilet cleaner

So much fun to use (never thought I’d say that about a toilet cleaner!) and does the job so well. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone.

Thanks so much Cathrine! Glad you like them :)

Amanda Jackson
Good customer care

Good customer care. Like this product as it fizzes in the loo which feels like it is cleaning at the same time. However, do not feel it is cleaning on its own so still using other products.

Josie Bagwell
So quick and easy

When I don’t have time to do a fully clean, throwing one in the toilet and giving it a quick scrub with the toilet brush stops any smells and makes it sparkle,

Thanks Josie! That's so kind! So glad you like! And thanks for taking the time to review. It's very much appreciated!

elizabeth ralph
sadly disappointed - was my expectations too high?

Very good service, ease of ordering/delivery etc. I really wanted to love this product as I want to support businesses that are trying to help the planet. I found the cleaning power to be not that strong. I think if you use every day, on new appliances/toilets etc, they will probably work for you, but sadly I have to resort to the old chemical products. I must say the spray bottle though is the best spray bottle I have every used. The spray is strong and wide and easy to use - I think I will order some more of those. I don't want to put anyone off trying these products, but maybe order just one at first and see how you get along with it. Huge admiration for companies like yourselves.

carol parker
toilet cleaner

Worked very well and was very eco-friendly both in product and packaging.